i heard
the mighty roar
of the heavens
at the placidity
of sunflowers
they thought
the skies were deranged
when it poured
blessings on the village
the rivers rejoiced
as well as the parched
rice fields
the floods cleared the way
forming new streams
cleared out all
the stagnant water
here Iam
merely following
a thought
in which
God has laid
grateful for the new branches
on this vine
that keeps growing
gone are the mysteries
of this plane
most have been
time to take another step
and fish on deeper waters
what you will catch
we may not know
but child,
may it be more beautiful
than the pearls of the orient
and perhaps you’ll see
the dolphins and the whales
in a once dark and muddy lake
now swimming
in luminous transparent water.

©A max

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