the mightiest roar

and i-
grapple with myself
to change
how i feel about i
as there is no
greater battle
to have won
than those within thyself
and with this
i have conquered
the world
in this jungle of thoughts
i have
the mightiest roar
elegant and poised,
the other lions
have simply succumbed
for I know
Iam their creator
and this mind-
no longer a battleground
but a safe haven
a peaceful sanctuary
of tamed worldly ideologies
the lions-
no longer a threat
but signify my hunger
for more soul evolution
and they roar with me
as we continue to embark
in this growth and expansion
so i propose a toast
a feast!
of happier nows
and blissful tomorrows.

Β©A.max Sept 30, 2022


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