it is true
it is the poet
that is the prophet
able to see more than
just the outside appearances
unfazed by the outside world
he goes way beyond
what the senses can grasp
conjuring up magnanimous
visions and possibilities
probabilities groomed
to their existence
a poet will never see
reality as it is
having beauty
to always triumph
than giving rise to evil
it is the poet
who lets us see
peace in an ongoing madness
life in every decay
a delicious fruit
after a sapless flower
clean rivers and streams
after the passing of a storm
who dares not marvel
a poet’s mind
who writes not about now
but the brilliance of tomorrow
with the majesty of hope
and the nobility of faith
the pages of life rewritten
to be filled with sparks of light
only experiencing magic
in the dullest days
of our daily existence.


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