Awareness and Her Dilemma of Two Self-Concepts

Sadje’s #WDYS

I am awareness
she introduces herself
sitting at the center
of her own emerging dilemma
sandwiched in between
her two self concepts
a pair of lifeless sculptures
having different state and persona
one is her previous self
the other- well,
should be her present
yet, she’s right in the middle
carefully considering
which one to possess
thinking whether to embrace
the comforts of familiarity
or persist on a self-image
she now hold so dear
the one acquainted with worth
and nobility
she knows,
the path to the old is filled
with yesterday’s assumptions
stuck in a loop
of changeless horizon
plagued with the monotony
of a straight line
frustrations well up
while the new persona
leads her to a route
brimming with uncertainties
circumstances she has yet to see
unaccustomed to
peculiar occurences
as she continues on
rearranging her mind
events suddenly materialize
bridging her
to the vision of herself
but then doubt once more
swiftly makes an appearance
the devil tricks her
to her own self denial
wondering aimlessly
sinning and missing the mark
perhaps a little reminder
a little nudge for self belief
feel how much joy it brings
falling for a state
canopied in her ideals
whilst caccooned in this
new self-image
making the present statue
slowly come alive
rediscovering her world
through her reframed
state of mind.

Β©All Rights Reserved


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