training wheels and permission slips

how much more
do we have to believe
to a power outside of us
that we have created
so many permission slips
it is never us
and thanks to this
thanks to that
making it also easier
to say
it’s because of this
because of that
why do we always
give away our power
or hide ourselves away
how embarrassing
can it actually be
to be called out and told
who do we think we are
so we settled in
the safety of our smallness
made weakness our most
comfortable abode
but i guess
every now and then
we do need permission slips
to function as training wheels
because a strong conviction
is something we attain
through time and experience
allowing us to grow
in our own wisdom
and the closer we are
to knowing
who we really are
and finally- finally!
never be ashamed
of our true power.

Β©A.max Nov 17, 2022


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